RealPro365 ... Your End-To-End Real Estate CRM Solution

The backbone of any real estate company’s digitization plans is the property management solution covering functionality from leads and enquiries to offers and contracts, and further on to facility management and customer service operations.

With RealPro365, you will have the information required to understand your clients and prospects. RealPro365 provides full visibility on your business where it provides insight that can help you manage client interactions, leverage the sales pipeline, and manage different requests received from your customers. RealPro365 is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 based end-to-end solution for the real estate industry.

The solution helps you build a customer centric approach, streamline your property sales, marketing, post sales and service process, which ensures effective collaboration between departments. Expect to boost your enterprise, efficiency, improve sales, marketing and collaboration inside the organization through one solution that help customer service agents, marketers, sales agents and property managers to seamlessly manage their workloads.

RealPro365 works smoothly with Microsoft Power Bi where it helps your organization to analyze different data in the system and take a proper action based on this analysis

RealPro365 Key Benefits:

provides a complete 360 view of your business which allows the team to access quote information, customer contact details, order history and more in one place.

Provides all information needed for the Master data (Projects, Stages, building, units) and its hierarchical relationship. It allows tracking all your properties and property units in one centralized location along with all the communication with customers which includes contracts, installments and invoices.

Allows capturing leads from different sources like phone, website, email or referral and qualify the lead to convert to an opportunity. It allows to create quotations based on predefined templates and provides campaign management with identifying the target marketing list based on specific criteria with ability to distribute these campaigns through different channels.

Provides a comprehensive automated reservation cycle that tracks and monitors unit reservation, payment details, reservation cancellation and waiting list for temp reserved units. Auto generation of payment plan based on the preconfigured in the system.

Allows to manage different customer requests/inquiries or any special requests raised by the customer like changing the unit, changing customer or cancelling the contract.

Main Features:

  • Account Management
  • Property Management
  • Lead/Opportunity Management
  • Reservation Management
  • Contract Management
  • Marketing Management
  • After-Sales Service Management
  • Customer Satisfaction & Retention Management
  • Reporting & Dashboards
  • Integration

Why ATS Real Estate Solution – RealPro365?

  • Reliable and secure Cloud Software and compliant Microsoft cloud Solution
  • Unique capabilities such as Full 360 view of customers/units, guided & pre-configured Process for sales and after-sales service, Intelligence and Reporting…etc.
  • Better data management due to classifications and processes done on the data
  • Provide full engagement with customers and help to gain more revenue
  • Provide end-to-end solution starting from sales till financials
  • Various integration capabilities with different systems, seamless integration with D365 ERP.
  • Easy to configure, use, and extend

For More information: Download RealPro365 brochure or request a demo.