Payroll is a critical element within the HR function, touching different aspects of HR practices

Our Payroll is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solutions that helps streamline payroll activities and integrates payroll processes with associated business processes. and includes appraisal outcomes, benefits, compensation, incentives and interactions with the employee on the self-service portal. The outcome on payroll drives employee motivation and talent retention, which in turn influences organizational growth and performance. Our Payroll includes the whole payroll process as modules listed below


Payroll Modules:

– Personnel Management

– Worker Calendar

– Attendance rules

– Insurance Setup

– Taxes Setup

– Salary Terms (Fixed – Variables equation)

– Absence Rules

– Excuses Rules

– Vacation Rules

– Penalty Rules

– Shifts

– Attendance machine file data import

– Payroll Periods

– Employee salary relation (Pay slip setup)

– Attendance Output

– Payroll Output

– Variables Transaction

– Advances Transaction

– Vacation workflow

– Excuses workflow

– Missions workflow

– Attendance File

– Penalties Transaction

– Due Voucher

– Payment Voucher

– Attendance Calculation

– Payroll Calculation

– Reports


Why Dynamics 365 HR & Our Payroll?

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solutions and Payroll Add-On, you already own an enterprise class payroll system and employees are free to focus on their work.

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