Empower your teams with the streamlined data and unified technology they need to deliver seamless, personalized experiences.

PERSONALIZE SERVICE across channels with AI-enabled insights to proactively resolve problems and ensure peace of mind

  • Empower customers to solve issues on their own or with the help of virtual agents to increase CSAT
  • Deliver personalized, value-add experiences to create brand advocates
  • Anticipate needs and avoid issues to build trust and earn lifetime customers

EMPOWER PEOPLE with the right tools to intelligently handle routine requests and assist to resolve more complex issues

  • Intuitive agent experience speeds onboarding and avoids escalations
  • Dynamic guidance to the right action ensures quick and accurate resolution
  • The right resources and data from any source surfaced through AI and automation improves productivity

UNIFY TECHNOLOGY to simplify and humanize orchestrated experiences through a 360-degree view of customer journeys

  • Easily adapt to quickly changing demands to meet customer expectations
  • Deliver critical insights in real time to continuously improve processes and drive results
  • Create a customer service culture across the enterprise to differentiate your brand

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights

  • Assess overall performance and identify problem areas with the ability to respond quickly through better visibility and insights
  • Identify current and emerging trends to proactively address and adapt, reducing customer effort and building loyalty
  • Identify key drivers to improve first time resolution rates, average handle times, and other KPIs, reducing the cost to serve

Dynamics 365 provides a full omnichannel experience to help you personalize service across all channels. AI-enabled insights provide the ability to proactively resolve problems and ensure peace of mind.

  • Omnichannel engagement: Meet customers on the channel of their choice.
  • Intelligent customer care: Automatically detect sentiment and intent on social posts and route as customer service cases.
  • Collaborate efficiently: Workflow and collaboration capabilities for more personalized, effective customer engagements.
  • Detect trends: Analyze sentiment and themes to proactively identify service issues or concerns.

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