Microsoft Dynamics business solutions for automotive addresses the features that every automotive dealership would look for in a software. It gives the user a real-time data posting that could be useful for process and services of the enterprise.

Microsoft Dynamics offer a Dealer Management Solution (DMS) by meeting the needs of both the dealer and the customer. It provides a Customer 360 view for the dealer by improving the data management through real-time and synchronized data such as vehicle sales, online booking, service orders, workshops, maintenance, and many more. This will keep them updated to the customer details both the current customers and the potential customers.

This software also lets them track their sales performance by allowing cross-departmental communication with impact on the organization financials. This allows invisibility to keep them updated real-time in the data provided of each department such as vehicle sales, pricing, spare parts, cars, schedule board, and many more.

Microsoft Dynamics aims to help automotive dealers in data collection, and management system with its specialized features such as:

Multi-Dealer Support

This software allows the inventory data to be separated or combined for multiple dealership configurations depending on the preference of the user.

Call Center Integration

This feature allows the user to enjoy the integrated outbound and inbound call center system feature.

Customer Service Survey

Improve the management of surveys of your company to run the ideal and expected workflow for your enterprise.

Background Syncing

This feature allows the data transfer and syncing for the user to allow virtual and instant synchronization for vehicle/parts Sales and Purchase.