Uniting personalized journeys with data, Transform your customer data into insights and deliver personalized customer journeys with next-generation AI.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Combine data with real-time journey orchestration and next-generation AI. Start with the customer data platform or journey orchestration and create personalized marketing experiences your way.

  1. Know your customers – Unify all transactional, demographic, and behavioral data for a holistic view of your customers. Gather customer activity across channels to engage customers with tailor-made activities. Identify customer trends and patterns using ready-made machine learning templates that predict customer lifetime value and recommend the next best action to take. Resolve customer identities by gathering historic transactional, behavioral, and demographic data with AI-powered identity management. Build richer customer profiles with first-party and third-party signals, including Microsoft proprietary audience intelligence—and uncover granular preferences using prebuilt third-party data sources. Discover new audience segments with AI recommendations. Then, elevate personalization with real-time segmentation to dynamically update and adapt customer segments based on the most recent data. Add consent data to the unification process and easily keep the consent status updated with automatic data refresh to ensure privacy and security regulations are always met.
  2. Engage on their terms – Easily create contextually relevant journeys with the visual journey builder. Use real-time, customer-triggered events to immediately respond to customer actions and convert interest into sales. Provide tailored and memorable experiences—and deliver the right message at the best time to your customers—with AI-driven channel selection. Run A/B tests to identify the highest-performing content or journey branches, and measure their success to track your business goals. Generate and nurture more sales-ready leads with personalized communications. Automatically score each lead and trigger timely notifications for sellers based on scoring or immediate qualification. Engage customers through a variety of ready-to-use digital channels, including SMS with Infobip, LINK Mobility, Telesign, Twilio, push notifications, and email. Align marketing and sales on common goals to optimize pipeline velocity. Use pre-made analytics dashboards to track primary drivers for lead generation and qualification.
  3. Boost your productivity – Use natural language to query your customer data with Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Uncover valuable insights, such as customer lifetime value, product preferences, and average customer purchases. Easily segment target customers by describing the segment in your own words with Copilot. Empower your team to quickly build, review, and modify customer segments before each email campaign. Generate fresh and customizable content recommendations—tailored by audience segment—with Copilot. Simplify the creation of customer journeys with Copilot and generate suggestions for you to approve or modify by simply describing your optimal business goals, target audiences, or desired flows. Kickstart the creation of emails and marketing forms by using your website as reference. Add the URL to Copilot and receive recommendations that are brand aligned and can easily be refined to meet your content needs.
  4. Reply on a productive and trusted platform – Invest with confidence in a solution that is compliant by design and lets you maintain control of your customer data.

With Copilot in the customer data platform, it’s going to make it so much easier for marketers to explore and discover segments, which will accelerate operations a lot. Copilot in Customer Insights enables us to democratize access to data insights right out of the box… This helps us to expose those insights to a broader set of stakeholders so that we can better understand our customers and target the right audiences at the right time.

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