Transforming and Digitalizing the Healthcare Journey

Data, specifically accurate data is never more crucial than for those in the healthcare industry. Healthcare professionals rely on this information to personalize the treatment of patients, communicate more effectively between hospital/clinics/medical center staff and patients, and to ultimately make the patient’s experience one that’s effective and of high quality. It’s not an easy task. Healthcare systems and providers are dealing with a plethora of patients and information—they need a solution in place to help organize all of this. That’s where Care365 solution comes into play. Below, we’ll dig into some of the important facets of Care365 solution and why providers need to consider implementing one.

Care365 Key Benefits:

Better Patient Experience

Older ways of handling patient data and information could often be inefficient resulting in long waiting times, poor communication and overall unhappy patients. By utilizing Care365 and its automation, processes have noticeably increased in speed. This gives patients more trust in how they are serviced.

Engage your patients

Improve patient communication to help patients take charge of their own health journey

Empower your care teams

Improve care team productivity to deliver efficient, coordinated care

Optimize your clinical and operational effectiveness

Create actionable insights that improve clinical and operational performance

Transform the care continuum

Connecting health tools provide insights that help improve patient treatment

Trusted technology

Trusted solutions ensure data is managed, protected, private

Do Business Anywhere

Through mobile apps, web interface and offline access, Care365 empowers people to get work done anywhere. Care365 provides mobile access to both staff and patients to interact easily with the organization.

Main Features:

  • Patient & Doctor 360
  • Appointment & Scheduling
  • Medication
  • Radiology & Tests
  • Referral Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Insurance Management
  • Document & Imaging
  • Blood Bank & Operations
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Reports & Dashboards

Why ATS Healthcare Solution – Care365?

  • Secure, trusted and compliant Microsoft cloud Solution
  • Unique capabilities such as Full EMR, Guided & pre-configured Process, Intelligence and Reporting…etc.
  • Better data management due to classifications and processes done on the data
  • Provide full engagement with patients and help to gain LOYALTY
  • Easy to configure, use, and extend

Success Story: Bizrah Medical Center – UAE

Business Pains: Having your work distributed on different sources is really horrible and inefficient. Imagine that you need to go through different people and sources to get the desired information starting from marketing and lead management till the appointments/surgery scheduling and your relation with patients that led to delay serving patients as well as having inaccurate and incomplete details which leads to dissatisfaction at end.

Solution: ATS proposed Healthcare solution “Care365” based on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to provide the flexibility of current and future BMC needs. It helps BMC to easily manage the appointments scheduling in addition to surgery booking. It provides 360 view for both patient and doctor profiles. It helps to manage the leads captured from BMC website or added to CRM manually as well as managing different marketing activities.


▪ Speed up the tasks by process automation.

▪ Increase the scheduling process for both appointments and surgery with automatic validation

▪ Ability to monitor different users’ performance through the provided reports and dashboard.

▪ Ability to communicate easily with patients through SMS/Email or social networks using MSE and Integration with SMS gateway.

For More information: Download Care365 brochure or request a demo.