Create and manage personalized loyalty programs to build stronger relations with your customers

Customer and brand loyalty are one of the essential pillars in building a successful business. “About The solution” provides a Loyalty Management Solution “Loyal365” that will help enterprises in connecting to their customers more. It involves attracting the right customers, getting them to buy your products and services, to buy frequently and in large quantities, to come back and buy from you again and you can reach wider range of audience through referrals and word-of-mouth.

“The Loyalty Management Solution allows businesses to better understand their customers and strengthen the customer relationship. The solution is tailored for businesses across industries, giving organizations the ability to make their loyalty programs part of their entire marketing strategy, focus and build relationships with their customer base, and provide opportunities.”

Loyal365 Key Benefits:

Customer Retention 

Customer retention is the key to healthy business growth. It costs less to maintain customers than it does to acquire new ones.Loyalty can help you retain your most valuable customers.

Gain Customer Insights

Discover your most loyal customers. Track your customers’ visits, frequency, money spent, and more valuable data with reports. Anticipate sales trends and segment your customers for target marketing.

Competitive Differentiator

With your loyalty program it is possible to differentiate yourself from your competition. You can show that you care more about the customer than the others in your industry by providing different programs

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value is the net profit attributed to the overall relationship you will maintain with a customer. It measures how valuable the customer is to you now and the projected value of all your interactions with them in the future.

Main Features:

  • Customer 360
  • Program Management
  • Calculation Engine
  • Segmentation Engine
  • Calculation sources Management
  • Expiry Engine
  • Template management
  • Customer Portal
  • Partner Portal
  • PowerApps Mobile Application
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Reports & Dashboards

Why ATS Loyalty Solution – Loyal365?

  • Secure, trusted and compliant Microsoft cloud Solution
  • Unique capabilities such as full loyalty program profile, guided & pre-configured process, intelligence and reporting…etc.
  • Better data management due to auditing and processes done on the data
  • Provide centralized location for whole communication done between different involved parties
  • Easy to configure, use, and extend

Success Story: Ajman Markets – UAE

Business Pains: AMCS had an old loyalty solution which they found it doesn’t support their expansion and new needs especially that they were planning to open new branches and need more flexible, extendable and online solution to integrate with the POS system (Dynamics NAV) that has already been deployed on Azure. Mainly the competition was between ATS LMS and the old company’s solution.

Solution: ATS proposed LMS solution built on top of Dynamics 365 and integrated with Dynamics NAV. ATS used mainly Dynamics 365 for sales and online portal beside the customized loyalty solution. ATS LMS is mainly managing customers profiles, segmentation, points calculation, voucher generation & redemption as well as loyalty card management.


▪ Improved Loyalty team efficiency

▪ Better Customer Service handling

▪ Easily connecting new branches to LMS

▪ Fast program creation as well as dynamic segmentation for new

added customers

▪ Easy customer enrollment and loyalty card activation through

multiple channels which reduced customers’ waiting by 50%

For More information: Download Loyal365 brochure or request a demo.